Alice Springs Resort ideal location at Lambi Beach combines perfectly beach and city life. Car, taxi, or bus service and a landscaped bicycle lane provide easy access to the center of Kos Town and beautiful sandy beaches.

The airport is at 24 Km. Regular flights to the island of Kos are provided by Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airways and from all over Europe and the Middle East frequent Charter flights during the summer season. You can also access Kos by boat from the port of Piraeus in Athens which will take you there within 11 – 12 hours and has connecting ferry services to Rhodes, Patmos, Simi and many other islands of the Aegean Sea.
Its exceptionally warm climate from April to November, its crystal-clear waters and endless sandy beaches will fascinate you. At Kos town, situated only 800 m away from Alice Springs Resort, a variety of interesting monuments and historical sites will take you on an enchanting journey through time, from the Greek ancient times, the Roman and Medieval period, the era of the Venetians and the Ottomans. Beautiful green landscapes alternate with picturesque villages accompanied by the constant presence of the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the authentic Greek hospitality.

This is Kos, the perfect holiday destination!


Famous for its sandy, exotic shores, which most of them are more than a kilometer long, Kos attracts beach and sea sports lovers from all over the world.
Some steps away from Alice Springs Resort, the organized beach of Lambi is long, sandy and the closest to Kos town.

Traveler’s favourite beaches
Kardamena – Marmari - Mastichari Tigaki - Agios Fokas
Most popular beaches
Paradise Beach - Agios Stefanos
Hidden places
Agios Theologos - Cavo Paradiso


Numerous archaeological sites and attractions wait to be explored by all history interested people who visit Kos. Full of evident influences from all the civilizations which have left their marks there, the whole island is a constant alternation of eras and cultures. The plane tree of Hippocrates, the sanctuary of Asclepios located on a verdant hill with breathtaking views and the Archaeological Museum exude the glory of Greek ancient times. The ancient Agora and Casa Romana prove the Romans’ presence. The Nerantzia Castle of the Knights of Saint John dating from the early 15th century and the Castle of Antimachia built in the 14th century travel you back to the Medieval times. And of course, the mosque of Defterdar in Eleftherias square and the one of Lotzia are a strong reminder of the Ottoman’s rule on the island.

kos town

A captivating island capital which combines the old and the new, the town of Kos is a mixture of Italian finesse, East exoticism, Greek ancient glory and contemporary atmosphere. Large squares, palm tree lined streets, an appealing port bustling with life, neoclassical houses, cycle paths and historical sites scattered all over under the shadow of an imposing Medieval castle compose the setting of a truly unique destination.